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Common Ground Earth Day 2024
Nationwide Super Screening

Join us this Earth Day for a never-seen-before, behind-the-scenes Q&A featuring filmmakers and narrators Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed, Adrian Grenier, Rosario Dawson, Gabe Brown, and special guests. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to view Common Ground - like you’ll never see it again! Join our community this Earth Day in the fight to end our climate crisis through regeneration.

Watch the special Earth Day Trailer below:


'Common Ground' Earth Day Nationwide Super Screening Trailer

Share this incredible Earth Day Trailer with everyone you know! Let’s have our voices  heard in congress as they determine the fate of the next Farm Bill.

Good News - You can still attend additional screenings through the months of April and May. Bring your friends and family out for one of our many available screenings below.


Earth Day's Grassroots Beginnings in Student Activism & ‘Common Ground’ for Schools

Students take part in the 1970 Earth Day march in New York City. Approximately 20 million people participated in Earth Day events across the country in 1970. (Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives)

Earth Day, observed annually on April 22nd, traces its origins to a grassroots movement that emerged in the United States during the 1970s. The inaugural Earth Day, held on April 22, 1970, was a response to mounting environmental concerns fueled by events such as the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill. Earth Day began as a student-led protest, mobilizing millions of people across the nation to advocate for environmental protection and conservation. The movement gained momentum, leading to the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the passage of key environmental legislation, including the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

As we commemorate Earth Day's origins in student activism for environmental protection, it is crucial to recognize the ongoing role of education in shaping a regenerative future. Common Ground is offering "Common Ground" for Schools as a free educational tool for teachers, available for pre-order now! The curriculum emphasizes solutions to our climate crisis and addresses topics such as Regeneration, Social Justice, Food Sovereignty, and Politics. Together we can inspire students to become proactive stewards of the planet and champions of regenerative practices.

Learn more about ‘Common Ground’ for Schools below.

(Sources: "Earth Day 1970." EPA.GOV)


Start Your Regenerative

Spring Garden Today!

Spring Planting Guide,


We are pleased to announce a resource for our lovely subscribers: our complimentary Spring Planting Guide. Have you ever hoped to start a garden? This guide provides you with the tools needed to kickstart a vibrant regenerative spring garden right in your own backyard. No space is too small! Welcome to the rewarding world of spring planting, where every gardener can contribute to carbon drawdown, one seed at a time.




4/12 | Guadalajara, Mexico | Cinépolis La Perla

4/12 | Detroit, MI | Freep Film Festival

4/15 | Merced, CA | The Mainzer

4/16 | Columbia, MO | Ragtag Cinema

4/16 | Blacksburg, VA | Lyric Theatre

4/16 | Columbia, MO | Ragtag Cinema

4/18 | DeKalb, IL | Egyptian Theatre

4/19 | Southern Pines, NC | Sandhills 10 Cinema

4/19 & 20 | Williamstown, MA | Images Cinema

4/20 | St Catherines, ON | The Film House

4/20 & 23 | Camas, WA | Liberty Theatre

4/20, 25, 29 & 5/8 | Tunkhannock, PA | Dietrich Theater

4/22 | Downers Groves, IL | April 22 | Classic Cinemas Tivoli

4/27 | Shippensberg, PA | Luhrs Performing Arts Center

4/27 | Millerton, NY | The Moviehouse

4/29 | Des Moines, IA | Varsity Theater

5/7 | Oklahoma City, OK | Rodeo Cinema

5/16 | Princeton, NJ | Princeton Garden Theatre

6/8 | Washington, D.C. | Citizen’s Climate Lobby


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Thank you for being a part of the COMMON GROUND movement!

We are thrilled to bring COMMON GROUND to as many cities as possible and hope to see you at the theater! More dates and locations announced on our website!

With gratitude,

Rebecca and Josh Tickell, and the team at Big Picture Ranch